Kings4zion1, 36 лет, United States My name is Kingsley.I'm 33 years old. I live in New York, USA. I need a kind woman for a long term relation.
Kings4zion1 New York, United States
Andre, 48 лет, United States I am a man like no other. I'm a man that few women have ever encountered. I'm a man with a unique perspective on how to relate to a woman; like no other man can. I'm romantic, affectionate, sensitive, and...FTM. What's FTM you ask? Well, you'll just have to write to find out more. In the meattime,...
Andre New York, United States
shawnmarcel, 29 лет, United States need to find a guy who likes to be on come over drop them draws and let me milk want this write back, if not keep going.I'm a short light skin brother with a big butt.who likes the hot and time for games or idle chit chat.
shawnmarcel New York, United States
Jerrymyers, 56 лет, United States Hi I don't know what to put in here I am a 45 Year old I live in NewYork were I own my own home I love to ride my Harley in the summertime I like camping fishing hunting and anythig outside.I also like watching spot I am looking for that one special woman to share my life with and get to know I...
Jerrymyers New York, United States
Greenlive, 41 год, United States Greenlive: Мужчина, Ищу Женщина, United States, Bronx
Greenlive New York, United States
Sammy4loveall, 42 года, United States Sammy4loveall: Женщина, Ищу Мужчина, United States, Bronx
Sammy4loveall New York, United States
Justin2020, 49 лет, United States Hi,I am Justin down to earth when it come's in dating.
Justin2020 New York, United States
Chatta21, 32 года, United States Chatta21: Мужчина, Ищу Женщина, United States, Bronx
Chatta21 New York, United States
777lv, 45 лет, United States You can't allways get what you want
777lv New York, United States
Rootboy, 36 лет, United States U wanna get to know this shot?
Rootboy New York, United States
Hoilett, 44 года, United States Hoilett: Мужчина, Ищу Женщина, United States, Bronx
Hoilett New York, United States
Hi, 40 лет, United States Hi: Мужчина, Ищу Женщина, United States, Bronx
Hi New York, United States
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